Teach Me How

Debut Album from Joshua Polaris.

Genre: Cosmic Folk. Electronic Rhythm. Vocal Harmony.

A mix of gentle acoustic music, basso male vocals, and spacious harmony over gentle percussion. This album seeks to build a bridge between grounded, earthy folk music and experimental vocal harmonies and rhythm.

Produced by Joshua Polaris and Scott Smith at Scooter’s Place. Guest Musician’s John and Paul Hoffman. Artwork by Sara Reed.


Teach Me How (Official Music Video), is the title track of Joshua Polaris’ debut album, and is a short visual piece filmed in a beloved Colorado forest with the help of Paul Hoffman of Elder Grown. It’s a gentle acoustic song telling the story about returning things back to where they’ve come from — and this inevitably includes returning our bodies. A song of gratitude meets a short film where Joshua Polaris returns gold and stone back to the earth and ends acknowledging that the body too is borrowed from the earth.


Joshua Polaris is a content creator, musician, and business partner at – small Durango, Colorado based business who’s mission is to upgrade people’s lives thru diet and support the health of the planet by planting trees.

Joshua has been a professional musician for 12 years, and enjoys all types of music and rhyme, including: folk, chant, rock, funk, hip hop, and electronic music. He plays a variety of instruments, including: Voice, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Drums, and Cello.

He makes monthly donations to These donations are used to provide workdays for people living in areas impacted by extreme poverty and deforestation create a cashflow that plants trees, provides fair wages, and turns rebuilding forests into a machine for making peoples lives better.


A result of his insatiable desire to explore the meaning and nuance of life through every medium possible. It is his attempt to become the location where Music, Storytelling, Dance, Cinema and Conscious Business all happen at once. 

It’s his best shot at embodying a collective and unified experience of expression and receptivity thru art and commerce. 

Humbly and playfully, he wonders what it means to become the Holistic Artist?

This vision houses his developing inward sense of purpose through reflection, yoga, meditation and grounded spirituality, as well as his developing outward sense of purpose through being a performer, artist, and business man to create rejuvenative action in our bodies and on our planet.

What follows is really just a dude who’s in love with using the body and the voice, the ear and the eye, as tools for transformation, enjoyment, and service.


The end goal for Joshua Polaris is to co-create a journey with his community where the infinite variety of arts are used as tool for a deepening our sense of connection and healing, and as a game or play where we can overcome our doubts and differences and avoid unnecessary suffering. 

He has worked as a sound and recording engineer and records in his own music studio. He is also a cinematographer, professional photographer, graphic design artist, and author of fiction and origin story.

He enjoys many dance forms and drumming arts, and has trained in martial arts like Jiu Jitsu, Muay  Thai, Shadow Yoga, and Qigong.

Joshua Polaris is a trained vocalist, tutoring under the brilliant Linda Brice of the Transformational Voice Institute in Portland, OR.; is a registered yoga instructor; and is also Partner at one of the most cutting edge conscious businesses on earth, Sarvaa Organics. 


Feel free to reach him @ with any inquires regarding music, booking, film and beyond.

Tour Dates

August 20 FRI   – Animas City Theatre………Durango, Colorado.         Tickets and info

August 21 SAT  – Private Party, Fort Collins, Colorado.                         Tickets and info


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Eden Reforestation Project

Plant Trees. Make Art.

Every month Joshua Polaris makes a donation to plant trees and support workdays in areas affected by extreme poverty and deforestation. He is working with the Eden Reforestation project.

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